Senior Educational Psychologist:

Daisy Sequeira 

Daisy is a Registered Psychologist and a mother of 2. She is the Director of Jade Wellness Centre and has over 20 years experience working with children and parents, in collaboration with GPs, paediatricians and other specialists. She has years of experience supervising undergraduate psychology students

Daisy has experience working with clients of all ages, dealing with issues ranging from grief & loss, depression, trauma, selective mutism, ADHD, bullying to anger management, building resilience, anxiety and stress management. 

She has worked as an Educational Psychologist and serviced schools within the NSW Dept. 
of Education for over 15 years in mainstream and special education setting. Her private Practice - Children's Assessment and Therapy Clinic focuses on children on the spectrum.

Daisy has expertise in setting up Anxiety clinics and specialised workshops for children and parents. She is one of only 7 RCB educators in Australia, trained by INCAF - The International Network for Children and Families.